Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Exciting Development

I just heard from my publisher today, and after a long discussion with her "team," they've decided to push back the release date from spring '10 to fall '10.  Now, normally I'd be crushed by this news. MORE waiting?  I have to tell people yet again that the book will come out later than I expected?!   But I'm curiously exhilarated, because what she said after the words "fall of 2010" made my heart skip a beat. 

She wants to generate interest in the book.  Pre-publicize it before publication.  She'll send me an image of the book (wheee!), which I'm to place on any-every-thing at whatever-literary-public event I attend. Can do that at the AWP conference! Check!

She said to start the blog.  Check!  I'm way ahead of her.

She said something about serial rights, where magazines like Redbook print excerpts of my novel.  (Really?  I'm thinking. Maybe in Seventeen! I'm starting to feel like a coddled author.) 

She said to make a Christmas List of any place I'd like to be interviewed.  Like on NPR.  What?  What!! Now my heart is pumping hard.  And possibly a television show. Huh? Like Good Morning, Texas?  I start to wonder if they even interview writers.  And why they would possibly do that.

But I toss my skepticism out the window because I'm full of "Wheeee!"  And it feels good.