Friday, May 13, 2011

The good and the bad (but no ugly)

I feel remiss for not posting in so long.  That's the bad (not too bad).  I had semester research papers to grade (done) and revisions on my second novel manuscript (doing)--so all in all, not a terrible excuse for staying away half of April and May. 

The good: I'm headed to Paris tomorrow to scope out a cafe and do some writing on my nifty new laptop.

I just finished Chapter 8 revisions, and I have to confess, I haven't felt this jazzed about writing in a long time.  This manuscript (I'll call it A) was finished about a year and a half ago.  I started on another manuscript (B) before really fixing some of the kinks in A.  I finished B at the end of last November, and now I'm back to A, thick in the revision process. 

It seems that I've always got another novel project hot on the brain when I'm writing.  It can be distracting at times.  I'm writing a summary of a Young Adult novel that gets me so excited I want to do a little "I got the muse" dance.  I read Twilight last week (I nearly choked on all of Stephenie Meyer's adverbs, but I get it), reading Die For Me this week (by my friend Amy Plum!), and have two more YA novels packed for France.  BUT, my priority for the next two weeks is revising manuscript A so I can start my agent search in earnest.

I have to pack my 7-year-old's things and mine, and a few items mon mari needs me to bring to him.  I'm going to have that dream again in which I wake up late and miss the plane.  Or that other dream in which my college-aged son burns the house down in my absence. 

Nightmare, schmitemare.  I'm going to Paris, and this time, I won't be wearing a coat!