Monday, April 22, 2013

April: Poetry Month Celebration

Last week, I was invited to speak at Collin College's Preston Ridge campus. We were celebrating National Poetry Month, which was established in 1996. I shared some of my libretto and talked about the difficulties of working with rhymes (Do I sound like Dr. Seuss here? And there? And everywhere?)

I expected, at the most, 20 people. When I arrived fifteen minutes early, there were already more than 20 people, and scores of students were streaming in. The fragrant scent of extra credit was in the air. What a beautiful aroma. All told, by the time the Dr. Gingo had two more tables installed in the room, there were about 150 people in the audience (in chairs and sitting on the floor). After JP Reese and I read, several students asked us questions. Then we all moved toward the great spread of food and schmoozed. What a great evening with inspiring students.

Blurry Pictures taken from the audience: