Friday, July 25, 2014

On Jumping-Up-and-Down News!


I'm in the middle of heavy manuscript revisions, but I have to poke my head into the internet-zone and say "WOOOO-HOOOOOO!"

I'm thrilled to announce--and I've just gotten this news--that Some Act of Vision has WON the OK Romance Writers of America NATIONAL READERS 'CHOICE AWARD!

I'm dancing in my chair and making typos. I'm so honored!


And now let me pout for a few seconds because I had to cancel my trip to San Antonio for the RWA awards ceremony because I had to arrange a last-minute French Consulate Visa appointment in Houston for our 5-month trip to Paris.

I so wish I could have been in San Antonio today. Thank you, OK RWA!

Thank you, thank you! I hope Jordan's adventures made you smile!