Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I bought my own domain name, which is, according to 99.9% of writing workshop panel members, the priority in the publishing/marketing phase. (The other .1% think authors should be writing the next novel, marketing be damned.)


I chose a cool blue for the background template, and a picture of me with a Weimaraner that belongs to my dear friend, Jim. I can never figure out which dog is which.  They're like clones. It's just a beginning/beginner's site, but I'm learning.  I'm still fumbling with how to link my Facebook page to my website.  Seems like such a simple task... no?

As a side note, and speaking of Jim, I've recently discovered the magic of yelp.com, on which Jim is a prolific writer.  And quite a hoot.  So, if you like reading entertaining reviews, look up Jim L's reviews (he's from Austin).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Website

Rejection can be brutal, as all writers know. (See the previous blog post, add the paraphrased reply, "No dear, your advance was too small to be considered a member of this professional group. Try again when you get a bigger advance," and you'll understand why I was feeling the ambivalence of fifth-grade rejection and hoo-boy-I-just-saved-$90-of-membership-fees elation. It was, after all, a conservative advance.)

But let's focus on the fun updates, shall we?

  1. My publisher just returned from her cruise vacation, rejuvenated and ready to roll with this book.  After some delays with the printer, we are still on track for a timely release, according to Miriam.  Whew!
  2. I've been contacted by UTD's Communications dept. (hi, Sarah!) and I have my first Reading/Book Signing scheduled for October 27th at 7:30 PM.  There will be more, but this is a welcome step in this process thus far. (<-- Say that 3 times fast.)
  3. I do have to buy my own domain name, perhaps later today (?), but at the publisher's request, I've put together a website using Snappages.  So far, here she is: www.loriannstephens.com
  4. I need help with #3.  Seriously.  I am not witty and charming like my dear friend Jim L.  I've had secret fantasies about having him ghostwrite my website (he's already established himself on Yelp! with his hold-your-belly humor, AND is grammatically and syntactically perfect.) Anyway. If you have suggestions, PLEASE email me.  Which reminds me: maybe a "Contact Me" button would be a thoughtful inclusion on my new website?  Jeez.
  5. I am learning patience.  This, my friends, is a surprise.  I thought I had patience down.  
Love to friends and family!  And thanks for your encouraging comments and well wishes so far!