Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I bought my own domain name, which is, according to 99.9% of writing workshop panel members, the priority in the publishing/marketing phase. (The other .1% think authors should be writing the next novel, marketing be damned.)


I chose a cool blue for the background template, and a picture of me with a Weimaraner that belongs to my dear friend, Jim. I can never figure out which dog is which.  They're like clones. It's just a beginning/beginner's site, but I'm learning.  I'm still fumbling with how to link my Facebook page to my website.  Seems like such a simple task... no?

As a side note, and speaking of Jim, I've recently discovered the magic of yelp.com, on which Jim is a prolific writer.  And quite a hoot.  So, if you like reading entertaining reviews, look up Jim L's reviews (he's from Austin).

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