Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Cover Art!

Last night, I was wrapped in a blanket, sprawled on the couch with a box of tissues and cough drops on my right, and my laptop on my knees, grumping over this February virus when Miriam sent me the cover art for the book.  When I saw it, I felt overwhelmed. I think it couldn't be more perfect or more beautiful. Amazon's already uploaded the new cover image, too.

Because this blog is meant to track one writer's experience publishing a debut novel with a small publisher, I should address a few things now.
  1. What's with the gap in time between my blog posts?  There's a lot of waiting involved in publishing.  You have to be patient, no matter how much your hands are itching to email your publisher and write in your most nonchalant tone, "What's up?  How's my book coming along?" Resist.  And trust that your publisher wants your book to be as much of a success as you do and is working hard to create the most beautiful product possible. Which leads me to...
  2. My novel happens to be not only my debut novel, but also Blooming Tree's debut novel in its new adult division.  Blooming Tree Press is a successful small press that publishes beautiful children's books and gripping YA (Young Adult) novels.  I am fortunate that my publisher is trying to release my book more "like a larger press than a smaller press," i.e., I'll have more help in the marketing of the book than the typical author with an independent press.
  3. What is a small press (or independent press)? It's a publisher that is not part of the larger conglomerates or corporations.  They're the smaller guys trying to survive in the world of Walmarts and biggie bookstores.  So, if you like to buy your books in person, like to feel the paper and examine the binding before buying, like to smell the coffee from the adjacent coffee shop and linger among other book lovers in person, feel free to ask the local bookstore manager to order Song.  I promise to sign it when next we meet! (And you'll be supporting a great small American business!)  Of course, you can order it online in your jammies, too.
  4. Miriam has asked me to publicize the upcoming novel by printing up postcards to hand out at events, so, as soon I can get off this couch without the aid of Nyquil, I'm off to Kinko's to create some postcards. 
Next week, I'm doing a creative writing workshop for the Highland Park Literary Festival. I'm looking forward to meeting up again with the talented writers and artists.

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  1. Yeah! Your name on a book! A real, live book! Please, please revel in this self-celebratory moment as we all revel in a Lori-celebratory moment!