Monday, May 10, 2010

May is ARC month

Two News Alerts

One: I've been going through a little dry spell lately, and that shouldn't happen in this spring-y season. Okay, so maybe it's not so newsworthy, a writer expressing self-pity.  But I've read my old stand-bys for inspiration, and I'm feeling too small for this world.

Perhaps it's because the semester's over and I need a brain-break from grading 60 research papers.  Then there are my son's graduation announcements that I have yet to address and stamp and mail.  And I'm sure there's a room in this old house that needs a new coat of paint. This procrastination is not normal for me.  But this past week, I've been dry dry dry whenever I sit down to write the latest novel chapter.  I should write a desert scene. Pity party over.

Thank you, Daniel, for your comment from the other side of this small world.  What is your website?

 Two:  the Advanced Reader Copies are, according to Blooming Tree Press, being laid out this month.  The ARCs are being laid "at this moment."  Very sexy indeed.  I'll be receiving many copies to give to reviewers already on my list and to "influential" friends.  Where are you, my influential angels? Call me, leave a comment, or email me.  Where is Oprah when you need her?

Three:  (I've just decided there's more.)  I'll be posting little snippets of the novel to entice you to order the darn thing early.  Stay tuned!

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