Friday, July 23, 2010

"What Form Rejection Means to Me"

The Rejectionist wants to hear what we writers think of Form Rejection letters...

What Form Rejection means to me,
This is my theme for English B.

I used to keep form rejections in a binder.
Three-hole-punched them
As a reminder
That someday I'd get published
and use "Dear Author,
Thank you for your recent submission,
but" for toilet seat covers.

I did get published, and now
I don't have the heart
to soil them. They remind me
that rejection (after rejection)
can be followed by something
and sweet.


  1. I never thought of using rejection for toilet seat covers--brilliant! I'll admit to the occasion impulse to use them in more . . . direct application, but the paper is a little too stiff for that.

  2. I'm now picturing mine as a decoupaged toilet seat. I'm going to have to collect a few more for full coverage.