Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Difficult Birth

 This morning I had labor pains.  Writers often compare the act of writing to giving birth one painful line at a time, but I’m done writing that book.  This is after the book has been written.  This is time to sit back and relax, epidural-style, while my novel is gliding its way through the printing process.

I am intrigued by how often I’ve been wrong about things in the whole publication process.  It’s been a good education to be sure. 

Early this morning, I received a call from my publisher. (When your publisher calls before 8:30 AM, it can’t be terrific news.  That’s another thing I learned today.)  The printers have informed her that the hard bound books will not be ready before the 25th of October.  My book launch party is on the 21st.  (Heavy sigh here.)

My eternal optimism awakens.  This could be a good thing.  It will give reviewers more time to review the book.  For those who are curious, most of the big reviewers like Publishers Weekly and Kirkus only review books pre-publication. 

But now I must reschedule the book launch party.  I’m thinking November 4th, but I have to get that date confirmed by the venues.  I sent out all those snazzy invitations (now snazzily misleading), and I need to track down all the people I invited via email.  This is the painful part, the anxious part, where I fret and wring my hands and wonder if anyone will show up on the new date.  (Or worse, if anyone will show up on the old date.)

So here is my suggestion for those who are planning book launch parties soon:
  1. Don’t plan the party until one month before the pub date.
  2. Don’t mail the special order invitations until 3 weeks before the event, just in case the pub date does change.
  3. Keep careful track of everyone you have invited, including emails and phone numbers.  This I have done, thank goodness, so the rest of my day will be sending emails.

This is what my publisher calls “a difficult birth.”  But she also assures me that the baby will be beautiful, and we’ll all go gaga over it soon enough.   Yes, but I’d still like that epidural, please.

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  1. I empathize with the title of this post. And I am glad to hear you got this publisher thing figured out.