Thursday, September 2, 2010

On Stars and Glimmer Train and Free Sodas

I've been avoiding blogging over the past few days because I thought perhaps if I didn't blog, then maybe the stars would magically align and I'd arrive home one afternoon and see a huge FedEx box on my doorstep with a jiminy-christmas-stack-full-o-books inside.  Those advanced reader copies I'm eagerly awaiting.  Alas, the stars haven't aligned, and I'm still waiting, with not much to update on my blog except to tell you that waiting on the printer is punishing and particularly painful. A little alliteration there to keep the mood light because I found myself down in the dumps this weekend. Book readings: check. Publicist: check. Launch party: check.  Book itself: to be announced.  That kind of anxiety. 

Until I realized that hey, I have a book being published by a real publisher!  A little delay is nothing to whine about! I keep telling myself this, so you don't have to.  My publisher is giving me updates on the printer-status, so until I hear the magic words that my galleys are ready, I'll refine those letters and gift baskets to the kind people who have agreed to read (and possibly just might) review my novel for the masses.  

So, although my publicist and I are stuck in the Twilight Zone (not that Twilight) I have been making myself useful in other ways.  I'm writing in spurts on my third novel-in-progress (my second novel is under review by the publisher), and I've written an article on the craft of writing for Writer's Ask, a bulletin published by Glimmer Train Stories.

One last update: my under-21 and austere guests who attend the book launch after-party on the 21st of October at Trinity Hall will be served free sodas and tea.  Huzzah, T.H.!

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