Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Final Reveal (and now I can get back to writing)

 I finally have the Before & After pictures of the kitchen.  What an adventure.  Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, because although the pics don't reveal it, I do have a few paint touch-ups here and a little glue there.  I'll have to squeeze in some time next week to take care of that.

My friend Ashley told me at one point earlier in my remodeling frenzy that I should do something with the blog--publicize it somehow to DIY bloggers.  I probably blushed and waved away her flattery.  Besides, when you're the one doing the remodeling, you're just too tuckered out to do anything else in the evening except take a shower and pour a huge glass of wine.

So, here is the final installment of my DIY kitchen remodel.  Now I can turn my attention back to remodeling those manuscripts waiting patiently for me.  Please feel free to leave comments here in the blog (which looks like a ghost town these days) instead of the usual Facebook.

A final note for the curious: the new countertops are Silestone.  The floor is porcelain that looks like slate, and the backsplash and base tiles are real slate, all combined for a hint of European flair.

A final, final note:  a talented, professional, and authentically nice handyman named Rob Knight (of Knight Residential Services) hung my range hood and fixed one of my electrical outlets for me.  He was amazing, friends. And his rates were so ridiculously reasonable, I had to tip him $45 bucks so I didn't feel guilty about my bill.  I highly recommend him if you need anything repaired or remodeled--just contact me and I'll give you his number.
BEFORE: view from dining room
AFTER: view from dining room
BEFORE: Our sad, sad, cooking area

AFTER: our much happier cooking and prep area

BEFORE: the horror
BEFORE: the oven and dishwasher with doors that hated each other
AFTER: Appliances separated, citing irreconcilable differences.  They are on amicable terms now

BEFORE: Storage on the countertops
AFTER: le chef can never have too many knives at his fingertips

AFTER: My "Martha Stewart" attempt at stylish organization
AFTER: our drop-in sink made of granite composite
AFTER:  possibly one of my favorite things about this remodel--the handy place for foil and plastic wrap.  I'm in love.

BEFORE: table--cute, but too big for the space
AFTER: bar table and open storage


  1. Thanks, Marc! I'm so glad it's "done." I keep seeing little things here and there that I need to touch up, but I breathe out a little "hot damn" when I walk into the kitchen each morning.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, deborahinwi! I can't believe it's been almost a year since I took these pictures. I still haven't found the time to paint the trim around the door. But that's a good thing. It means I'm writing!