Monday, June 27, 2011

Celebrate Books!

Dearest Bibliophiles:

Take a skip over to Back of the Book Reviews and join the Independence Read-a-Thon.  Fun fun fun!

Then look here, to find out what more fun awaits!  Yes, I am on the hunt for some good character names for this summer's project, YA novel manuscript called INVISIBLE.  You know you want in on the fun.  Or maybe you want your daughter's or friend's or frienemy's name to bless the pages of this exciting novel?  Read the instructions are Back of the Book Reviews, and have fun reading.

Not long ago, I was invited to a book club dinner that blew my socks off.  Actually, I wasn't wearing socks, but no matter: This. Dinner. Was. Phenomenal.  The food was divine, and carefully selected and prepared to represent each character's cultural background in Song of the Orange Moons.  But the ladies were the true gems.  I was humbled to be in the presence of these women who truly enjoy books. To Dixie Baum, I salute you, and thank you. I'm still waiting for those pictures!

Tomorrow, I have the good fortune of meeting with an old high school friend who selected Song of the Orange Moons for her book club.  I'm looking forward to a good evening at the bistro with more book lovers.

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  1. What a great contest for people to see their name in the middle of one of your great stories! And as a side note, what a wonderful person to prepare a meal based on all your characters' backgrounds. That's beautiful. Congrats on this celebration of books...and characters!