Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Because the past 24 hours have been weird

I haven't blogged about anything in many days, and since the past 24 hours have been good but surreal, here are three things that have occurred:

1. I open Twitter and see that Neil Gaiman (Yes, NEIL GAIMAN) just tweeted to my real-life, pre-social network friend. (We happen to teach at the same university and drink from the same wine bottles whenever possible.)

She's just a college teacher and writer like me, but she's so much cooler.  Confirmed by Gaiman's tweet.

2. Out of the blue, a writer from The Wall Street Journal emailed me as asked if he could talk to me about kids and smart phone apps. (And the perils of the two combined.) I spoke to him this morning, and my inner Research Nerd was awakened. I'm now trying to gather anecdotal stories from him.

3. I'm sitting outside at a sunny Starbucks patio, waiting for my son's school to release the kiddos, and a GINORMOUS black spider just swooped down on a girl in a pink hoodie as she tried to enter the café.
Screaming and mayhem ensued.
The spider zoomed up his wee little thread.
Then, as the girl tried to enter again, down came the spider again in an all-out attack.

Lesson: Pink hoodies are dangerous for girls, too.
from here

I wonder what the next few hours will bring. The little things in life are fun.

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