Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Ride on the Amazon

I should be writing my next chapter.
But I'm taking 5 minutes to post a weird and wonderful update:

My orphaned novel, whose small but longstanding publisher in Austin closed down shortly after the book debuted, has jumped from oblivion to #25 in Literary Fiction in Amazon's Kindle bestseller list for free downloads. I decided yesterday to list it for free for 3 days. Just because it was weeping all alone in its digital bookshelf. (The hardbacks are still available via resellers.)

I'm kind of freaking out how fast it jumped from #800,000 to #403 in the entire Kindle bookstore. it's at #24 in the free Literary Fiction list.

If you haven't gotten it yet, here's your link.

And YOU get one! And YOU get one! 
Everybody gets one FREE!!!!

I'll fill you in on the longer story later. After I've written my daily 1000 words.
(Go download the book! It's free!)

POST UPDATE: It's now hours later, 7 PM, and have I written a word on my manuscript? Heck, no. But I wanted to share this cool graphic from Amazon. That's the rankings tracker for SONG OF THE ORANGE MOONS.

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