Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This morning, I spoke at the Richland College Literary Festival about why I write and why I think people in general should write, too.

Wow! It was scary and fun. The college students didn't fall sleep (score!), and they seemed interested in my little journey through the whys of writing. Thank you, Richland College, for inviting me. Thanks, especially to Sobia and Patrick for your warm welcome.

And now, in 7 minutes exactly, I've eeked into an online writer's workshop, thanks to Agent Jill. I have my wine glass (and the rest of the bottle within arm's reach) and I'm ready to listen to the pulse of the market.

Cheers!  (I'll write my response to the workshop here soon.  Stay posted!)


  1. Hi Lori, One thing I wished Martha and Jill had done was have each of us introduce ourselves (we kind of did that, but not everybody) so we would have gotten to know each other a little during the "cocktail hour." Glad I found your blog.

    I did think the workshop was amazing, very insightful into what Walden Pond's process is. Very daunting odds, but I already knew that going in.

  2. Hi, Melissa! Sorry about the delayed reply. I was on a camping trip with my son. I enjoyed the workshop immensely. It's good to see the faces (and the hearts) behind the imprint. Maybe they'll add another 15 minutes or so to allow people to introduce themselves. I wish we could see ALL the faces in tiny boxes around the exterior--that would be ideal! I'll be signing up for another one, I'm sure. Glad to meet you!