Monday, September 30, 2013

Domain name snafu

If you've been typing in, I'm sorry that the link is broken. I suppose someone, at some point, will answer my frantic emails about the problem.

Glitches never happen at the right time. This weekend, I've been in the middle of a website nightmare: my website was assigned a new URL, and when I tried to go to a "certain" host to manage/transfer my domain name (, the server freaked out and pointed the domain to the login page of their free service, which I do not use. Apparently, I've done something wrong, but there's no documentation on the site that tells me how to fix the problem. To make matters more frustrating, this particular business does not have a phone number anywhere on its website. Just a "support ticket." I've submitted three so far.

Meanwhile, I'm handing out bookmarks and business cards with my domain name on them. website domain hasn't worked all weekend. This was the final straw: it sucked, fitting for straws.

So, here's my direct, somewhat clunky website address that will take you to my new site:

You can find out about Appearances, etc, there. I hope my domain name gets sorted out soon.
But...lesson learned. I hear changes afoot!

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