Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Week, and breathing

I can't believe it's one week until pub day.
Part of me wants to run around the house, flailing my hands, and screaming "gahhhhh!"
The other part (that wins) whips out this post, then puts on some subdued, professorial clothes, and heads to work.

And hey, look! A Book Vacation said some nice things about Some Act of Vision: "a great read" and "most of the novel I was on pins and needles." Four stars ain't nothing to shake a stick at. (That's Texan-speak, for those of you un-introduced to the fine art of the Southern metaphor.) Thanks, A Book Vacation!

Because of server and software glitches, I've been scrambling to copy pages from my website over to a new home here. It's not finished, but you can see my growing list of book-related fun-things-to-do, mainly involving merry toasts.

(breathes and counts to three)

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