Monday, December 16, 2013

Free books! (Good ones, too.)

I've been very bad at keeping up in the blogosphere, but I'm peeking in to announce a book giveaway.
Everyone loves free books, right?

This new book by a very talented writer, Nikki Loftin, is already getting much buzz by the likes of Kirkus as a literary gem: Nightingale's Nest. If you don't win an advanced reader copy, buy it. It's already on my Holiday Gift List for Yours Truly.

Go here to enter for your chance to win a copy. Hooray, Nikki! (She's a genuine, good person, too. The Real Deal.)

Oh, and there are MORE free books, if that's what floats your holiday boat.
DANCE SPIRIT MAGAZINE is giving away copies of my YA novel, SOME ACT OF VISION. SOME ACT is their January 2014 "Pick of the Month," and they'll be giving away both ebooks and paperbacks to lucky winners. Good luck!

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