Monday, September 13, 2010

on the adventure called "the book trailer"

The book trailer is almost done.  Please be kind.  Because my more artistic and talented son is off at art college, I put together this trailer myself.

If you don't know what a book trailer is, I'll give the abbreviated version:
  • it's supposed to introduce the public to your book and cause them to immediately order it online (or create enough of an impression that you remember it the next time you're browsing through the bookstore)
  • most of them that I've seen so far are cheesy
  • (mine is now probably one more for the cheese barrel)
  • authors can make the book trailer themselves (i.e., low budget),  but larger publishers often have some hand (financially or creatively) in the book trailers 
  • a how-to blog post on the omnipresent N.B. website, which you can read here if you're interested, but which I did not discover until after I finished my trailer
I've been waiting an hour for the video to render, a process that's going at a snail's pace on my pc laptop.   Before I post it to youtube and as a mobile-friendly video, I need to run the finished product by the mothers of the kiddos in the video, just to get a final go.

Stay tuned.  Constructive criticism is welcome, as long as it is swaddled in a few layers of love.

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