Saturday, September 11, 2010

on discovering already famous websites and omnipotent agents

Sometimes I come across a website that is so evidently established that I wonder, "How do I not know about this website already?"  And sometimes is occurring more frequently these days.

Today I discovered Beyond the Margins.  It's a great website hosted by a compilation of successful writers in the biz, and its articles offer a range of advice for writers.  Go visit it.  If you're not a writer, you'll want to be!

I also came to the conclusion that this guy named Nathan Bransford is omnipotent.  I mean omnipresent.  Because he is linked to every other writer's page on the internet.  See?  He's even linked to mine.  His is another helpful little site for writers.  Heck, I want to query him, and I'm not even a YA writer.  But I have always had this one book for teens simmering in my head...

Back to the current manuscript. On page 182, and the main characters are about to have their first epiphanies... 

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