Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tomorrow is Chicago. T-4 for book launch!

Here's an article called "Wrangling with Characters."  The lovely editors of Glimmer Train Stories asked me to  write a short article on the creative writing process, so I chose something immediate and, I hope, potentially helpful to people participating in NaNoWriMo this next month.

I have to say, I'm indebted to Susan and Linda at Glimmer Train.  They have a gorgeous magazine, filled with beautiful stories, and it is, aesthetically, a beautiful magazine.  In addition, they pay their writers.  And if you don't understand the unusual and extraordinary nature of this fact, then...well, you're probably not a writer.  It's rare, I'll just say.  So, whether you're a reader or a writer, it's worth subscribing to this magazine.  It's great bedside reading.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Chicago, and I haven't packed yet.  I'm excited and nervous.  A little sad that my hardbacks didn't arrive by UPS yesterday so I could take them with me, but I'm unruffled.  How can a writer not be optimistic at this point in the game?  I'm looking forward to seeing my fellow writers at the Hopleaf on Tuesday, too.

I still have trick-or-treating to do with my son tonight, so I'd best get a move on....


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  2. I just read the essay- well done! It came in my Glimmertrain bulletin, and I clicked your link to the blog. I was excited to see someone I recognized in that bulletin.

    Thank you for joining us at UTD and speaking to Dr. Bondurant's class last week. I enjoyed the talk, and I actually came away with a new initiative regarding my Phd. I appreciate the strategic approach you took to allow you to do things your way while staying true to your original goal. It is easy to get lost in the interdisciplinary sea. Good luck in Chicago.

    Susan White Norman

  3. I really enjoyed the article, Lori!

  4. Hi Susan--So glad we crossed paths again online, and that my visit was in a small way helpful on your path to that Ph.D. You'll find the community of writers surprisingly small the more you immerse yourself.

    Amy--so happy to see you here! Chicago is phenomenal. Did a salon reading with a group of amazing people, and will blog about it soon, when I get back to Dallas. NaNoWriMo has begun and I haven't written a word. You're already kicking my butt...but not for long!

  5. This is a great article! Congrats on it and everything that is going on now. Wish I could be in Dallas tomorrow night for your book signing.

  6. You're here with me in spirit, Greg. I think about you a lot. <3