Thursday, November 4, 2010

I heart Chicago

I got back from Chicago last night, and didn't have time to post pics before the book launch party tonight.  So, tonight I'll post some pics of my stay with my generous friend, Andrea, and the two events in Chicago.

First, Andrea hosted a Salon reading at her house.  She had about 12 guests, and we had so much fun reading and drinking and eating that we forgot to take pictures.  So here are the "afterward pics." 

You'll have to imagine the cool people in this great sitting room (they were cool):

and drinking great wine. (I know, I should have remembered to takes the pics with people actually in them.)

The second day was the Hopleaf reading in town.  So we stopped at the Hancock...

and I click this view from our seat (sorry it's blurry, but imagine the view):

...and this one.  From the bathroom, of all places:

I've never had such a magnificent view from a privy. The whole wall was plate glass.

Later, here's me at the Hopleaf with some friends:
with Bill Shunn     

Paul D'Jock (thanks for the Malbec!)

 and an old high school friend transplanted to Chicago...

...and writer Maggie Kast--such a great supporter!

The audience at Hopleaf was attentive (even with beer on the table) and laughed at the funny parts (thank goodness).  I heart Chicago!

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  1. Paul sent me to some great eateries last year when I was in Chicago!