Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dallas Book Launch Party, Part I

I'm a little late on news about the Dallas Book Launch reading and signing party, but it's National Novel Writing Month.  What do you expect?  I'm cranking out pages, and behind on my quota because of the Chicago trip, so this first part will include photos, as proof that it actually happened.
Highlights of the night: seeing old friends (Derek!  from high school, no less) and colleagues (so grateful for their attendance) and girlfriends and family all in one place showing the love.
At the Barnes & Noble:
(Thanks, DiDi, for managing this event)
There I am.  I forgot to save the poster. 

The babies

SMU folks--you rock my book

the most comfortable seat in the house

No one wanted to sit in the front row.  A crowd of people were standing behind the last row.
Where do I sign?  I had to ask another author (CW Smith) where to sign the book.

the beautiful cake from Society Bakery was unsurpassed...
but their editing skills...not so much. (should be "Moons")

More pics soon!...

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