Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dallas Book Launch Party, Part II (a.k.a "boy is my hair blonde!")

Part II of the book launch was at Trinity Hall, a wonderful restaurant /pub across the street from B&N.  Our cake was waiting there, along with some appetizers and free drinks galore.

Some photos of friends and family, in black and white to minimize the red-eye that plagued all my photos...
lovely girlfriends

...with Stephanie

... the two most beautiful Martas in Dallas (and beyond)

...with my son, the artist, Trevor

The most nerve-wracking part of the big day: having the books delivered by FedEx two hours before the reading.
The second most nerve-wracking: so afraid I'd spell people's names wrong as I signed that I even asked people I knew well how to spell their names (like Stephanie and Lauren.  Is there any other way to spell those names?)

Once we moved over to Trinity Hall, though, my nerves melted, and I just enjoyed the good company.  Thanks, everyone, for coming to the reading and/or to the party.  I was so grateful to feel your supportive presence there. (There are still some books at B&N if you want to stop by to get one.  Otherwise, your online orders should be delivered by about November 22nd.)

Now, it's off to pack and mail some other pre-orders from Chicago and get back to writing the current novel.  I'm determined to get it done this month.

Oh, yes: the title.  As soon as I saw these pics, I ran to my salon and cried, "Less blonde! Less blonde!"  We're working on "caramel" to prevent blindness at future readings...

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