Monday, December 13, 2010

My New Project

This month, I'm focused on two things: remodeling my sad little kitchen on a shoestring budget, and re-reading/revising my novel manuscript that was completed last month.  It might be a little too soon to be revising the manuscript, so hot on the heels of first-draft completion, but home improvement chores have a way of clearing my head and allowing creativity to germinate. 

So, here's a link to some book reviews on Goodreads:

(Please feel free to add your review on Goodreads, too.)

And here are some pics of my sad little kitchen (decked out for a chef, but falling apart at the seams):
Yes, there are no cabinet doors, and yes, that's roux (and other souls of sauces) splashed on the wall 
The double oven will be on Craigslist soon.  Replacing with stainless steel. Anyone want a cheap oven? And yes, that's a piece of wood propping up the sinking counter top above the dishwasher.

Picture taken yesterday.  You won't believe how much cooking stuff we've packed into the shelves.

Cute little distressed white table/chairs from World Market that I'll also have to sell to make room for an island table. Any takers?

How about that classy light bulb? And the adhesive stained glass?  High class stuff there.

View from the dining room.  I already replaced all the interior doors in the house, which is why there's some artsy white wall joint leftovers to the right of the door. I'm thinking a light sage-y green for the kitchen.  The new floor will be beautiful.
Now that the pics are up, it's time to get back to the kitchen.  Today, I finish packing the pots and pans, and then I pull off all the chair molding and the cheap boarding below it. I hope I don't discover anything too scary. 

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