Monday, December 27, 2010

A new ending and a new beginning

Of course, there's the end of the year, fast approaching, and the upcoming new year, full of promise and hope.  The end of the old kitchen as it morphs into the new one.  And the end of my manuscript, which had two endings until last night.  I finally figured out how to morph the two endings into one suitable, and I hope compelling, closure. 

I'm still typing up the hard copy version. (Yes, I wrote the last 30 pages longhand, and that nostalgic and weird exercise jogged my creative pathways in just the right way.)  I've decided that I work best on the novel manuscript revisions at the end of the day, when I'm dog tired and my hands are useless for anything but resting on the keyboard of my laptop.  I suppose my sudden onset of muscular mutiny has two causes: painting/texturizing the kitchen, and playing Wii, the Christmas gift for the whole family.  Every time I lift my arms today, I cringe a little. 

I now have the greatest respect for home remodel skilled laborers.

And now for pics:

We started somewhere around here...this was taken right after I peeled off the classy adhesive stained glass plastic.

Post painting the first coat in Behr's "Patina."  I thought it would be more sage-y, but it's growing on me.
 Notice the ceiling: we ran out of material, so we'll have to finish it later tonight.  The ceiling will have the same texture as the walls.
notice the floors are stripped to the cement....

the newly constructed soffit (and removed old one)

The east wall.  Imagine a grand steel vent hood hanging from that duct.  
I'm still trying to figure out how to install a ducted vent range hood.  More research is needed.

Happy holidays!  Please, please send me some open shelving pics you find on the internet.  Cool storage and organization ideas are welcome.  (I'm think a blend of French countryside meets gourmet cook meets World Market and Pier One.  Without the Pier One price tag.)  Link them here or through my Facebook. Thanks!

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