Friday, December 24, 2010

New Pics

So tired, I can't even write something interesting.  So here are the new pics:
Knocked down the soffit, finally, and discovered there was no ceiling above it.  Ugh.  So back to Lowes to buy sheetrock for a new ceiling.

 Getting that sucker down was hard work.  Lots of hammering and a sudden deluge of 30-year-old fiberglass insulation on top of my head and down the front of my shirt.  After a quick shower and a trip to Lowe's,  did this:
It's drying overnight.  Will need a second coat.  Have decided to texturize the entire ceiling rather than deal with ceiling panels and stud-finding.  Talking like Tarzan is a sign of exhaustion. 

Tomorrow, I paint the walls before my love comes home from Paris.

I'm wiped out tonight.  Sleep well, and may sugar plums dance in your heads tonight.

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