Saturday, December 18, 2010

On losing track of days

I've been terrible at keeping up with my writing.  But look at what I've accomplished so far in the kitchen.

I put on my handy apron and red crocs...
 ...and started with the door frame from the kitchen to the laundry room.  I'd hung the door a few months ago, with all the other interior doors with the help of my older son, and this one wasn't level on the floor.  The latch didn't catch.  So on Thursday, I took off the molding, straightened the frame (thanks, Sam, for helping me nail that sucker straight), and then bought some pretty new molding with plinth blocks.  I still have to fill in the small gaps and paint, but I'm waiting until all the baseboards and molding are up.
 Today was day one of the Big Cabinet Removal Project.  My older brother was going to come help, but he forgot that he had to work until 5AM, and he had skin surgery on his shoulder a few days ago, so he couldn't come.  Wimp!  (All right, I forgive him.  They are good excuses...)

So my son Trevor, who just came home from college, was so nice to agree to help me.  Wow, has college changed him.  He's suddenly very talented at this home improvement stuff. Usually I'm doing everything and begging him to hold this or do that, but today he and I worked like old pros together.  It was actually fun.  We turned off the water and electricity, dismantled the plumbing and moved the sink to the floor, comme ca:

By the way, if you've never done this, let me just tell you it stinks to high heaven when that plumbing pvc is removed.  Uck.  We had to open the windows.  Anyone want a stainless steel sink?  (Now that I'm looking at this picture, I'm wondering if I should be allowing the disposal to lean on its side.  I hope I haven't ruined it.  I need that little guy.)

Then we got to work with  the cabinets.  Removed the formica counter tops piece by piece (some were really small pieces, since we had to chop it up in places), which stirred up much dust (yes, that's dust in the sunbeam):

 You see all those wall cabinets and the rest of the base cabinets?  They're all gone!  Tomorrow, we remove the oven cabinet and the stove cabinet, and the last wall cabinets on the wall facing this photo.

I have to say that this is an incredible adventure.  Except for the wee accident during the door re-hang (I hit my skull with the hammer while trying to extract a high nail; frozen edamame helped immensely, and the gross scab I discovered 2 days later is healing nicely), there have been no unpleasant surprises.  I'm discovering the original 1970 formica beneath the paneling, and the original hideous vinyl that puts our existing ugly vinyl to shame.  I'm still a little afraid to knock down the soffit (that wall above the cabinets), but we'll see how that goes on Monday...

I'll post more pics after all the cabinets are down.  I've posted the double oven on Craigslist for $300, but no inquiries yet.  Is that too much to ask for an oven that works fine? 

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