Thursday, March 10, 2011

Houston Rocks the Book Club

On Saturday, I'm donning my author cap and headed to Houston with my mother.
We're on a two-stop, double-the-fun road trip.

First, we'll head to my dear old friend Jaclyn's sweet town, Pearland, to attend her Spring Break Book Club party. I must say, my excitement about indulging in her famous guacamole is approaching weirdness.  What can I say?  I love guac.

It's curious to attend a book club.  Normally, a book club meeting is the appropriate time and place to 1) gush over the author's technique, the intriguing plot, and the original characters, AND 2) slam the writer for the author's cliched language, predictable plot, and tired characterization.  I think there's a healthy dose of disagreement at these meetings.  One person's brie de France is another person's cheeseball.
Will my presence make some of the readers feel they have to clam up about their reservations, force them to smile and nod and hold back the little ball of throw up in the back of their throat? I certainly hope so.  I'm exaggerating a little here, but really, I hope my presence is a good thing for everyone. 

And thank you, thank you, for selecting my novel for your book club!

Second, Mother and I are headed to Galveston on Sunday to go on our first cruise.  We both need this vacation.  We're both excited and giggly about being on a big boat for an entire week.  Bon voyage on your own break festivities!

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