Monday, March 28, 2011

on Inspiration, Distractions, and Hometown Interviews

I need a picture for this post, so I'm going to pick my favorite picture from my cruise with Mother a little over a week ago.  In the middle of a 600 ft waterfall in Jamaica, on our ascent:

My head is swimming, in a good way.  I got an email this morning from the associate editor of the Plano Profile, Plano's glossy magazine (with a circulation of 50,000 a month).  They'd like to feature me with some other "women in business" with my author hat on. I'm to meet for the photograph session on Wednesday, followed by a brief interview.  I'm flattered and excited, but also hoping I don't wake up on a fat, bad hair day.  I'm inspired to go jogging this cold, damp afternoon.

With me, writing and inspiration move in waves.  I finished my second unpublished complete fiction manuscript around December 1st of last year.  I knew it needed major revisions, but it needed some time to breathe and I needed some time to get perspective before I returned to it to hack it to bits.  A few months ago, I sent out my other manuscript, which also needs major revisions, and now I have some feedback from an agent, who made some suggestions and offered to look at it again.  So I've had two manuscripts in my computer just waiting for me to open them and get revising.  I didn't know which one to begin with, so there they stayed, untouched for months. 

But this week, I felt the first flutterings of urgency to rewrite, so now I just have to choose which manuscript to revise.  Or....

I had a dream last night.  A dream about a YA story for  a novel.  And another dream about a young boy who, "Magic Treehouse"-like, has adventures with great scientists of the past.  No treehouse, though.  Two more stories, almost bursting out of me.  I had to jot down notes in my journal beside my bed. I spoke to my partner about these vague ideas yesterday, but the vividness of the dreams was, well, distracting. 

I'm supposed to be revising one of those other two manuscripts, not starting two more in two completely different genres.

What to do.  What to do...

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