Friday, July 29, 2011

Song has been Kindlefied

Up for some summer reading on your iPhone, your laptop, your Kindle?
It's finally up and available.  Hip Hip! Go on, download it and share it with a friend!

I know a few of you are waiting for the iPad version, which should be available in a few more days.  Or the Nook version.  Or the Sony Reader version.  They're a'coming!

That's the publishing news of the day.  I do have some different publishing news, which basically fills people in on my strange and tense journey through publishing this book (as a hard back) with a very small publishing house.  You'll notice that Amazon only has one more copy available for sale?  But that's for another blog entry.  It will be a difficult one to write, but I think will be very instructive to authors who are looking for a traditional publisher.

As for writing: I'm deeper than ever into my YA novel, and now I'm at that delicate stage called "I've Just Read a Fantastic Book and How Can I Ever Compete with That Piece of Brilliance?" Also called, "Don't Read The Hunger Games and Think You Can Keep Your Writer's Ego Intact." Wonderful read, my friends.  And it will scare the heck out of you if you're in the middle of your manuscript and thinking about how well your plot pacing holds up. 

Still, I'm have a helluva fun time writing this manuscript, and I sense the end drawing near. 

It had better!  I only have one week left until I have to take off my author cap and put on my scholar cap. The fall semester is soon upon us.

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