Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Numero Uno

YA Highway is beckoning me again:
What's your numero-uno reason for writing?

I'll bet there's some sort of high-minded, acceptable list of answers to this sweet little, seemingly innocuous question. I'll bet there are plenty of creative writing teachers who'd cluck their tongues at the answers we give.  But that's why I like YA Highway.  No high-falutin' rigid readers who laugh with derision at our perplexing answers.  Here's mine:

Numero-Uno: Because I need to write.

That's it.  I need to.  I feel cranky when I go to long without writing.  My bones ache with jealousy when someone tells me all about her week of writing in a French castle (yes, Amy, I'm talking about you). Or that weekend at the Writers' Conference in D.C. or Chicago, or the Writers' Retreat for a blissful week in the woods.  I nod and cheer and say, "You go, Girl!" but they can't hear the envy in my bones go "creak!" 

Writing or rewriting a page, and then another page, or even merely a paragraph--it's like a drug, folks.  Like an anti-depression regimen.  Like caffeine.  Sometimes it gives me the jitters in a bad sort of way, but most of the time, I leave my writing desk and my heart feels two sizes bigger in a very good--I'm-ready-for-the-world--kind of way. 

I think many writers feel this way.  It's a bond we share.  We nod our heads sympathetically when  our fundamental needs aren't being met.  Writing-time needs.  Thank God my partner understands this. 

Right now, he's off to Canada for a week to work on three writing projects.  I'm happy at home writing on mine.  But I'm thinking I'm due soon for a trip myself, sequestered in an internet-free cabin, surrounded by nature? It's for my mental health after all, right?


  1. Well put. I definitely know that feeling of needing to write! You describe it well.

  2. Oh, I love your answer.
    Writing is a drug! And we are addicted to it! LOL
    Awesome ;)

  3. And it costs next-to-nothing to get a fix! Isn't that the best? :)

  4. Writing is a drug - MOST DEFINITELY!

    I did a whole post on getting "drunk" on writing. Definitely a buzz I need.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who envies other writers their writing time. Or their getting away from everything time. I always have family visiting, needing me. Then there's work calling to me to make money so I don't starve. Yes, I feel where you're coming from.

    I hope you get your trip away soon! *creak*