Sunday, May 6, 2012



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I'm not keeping up with the May blog posts very well, am I?  But no apologies here. I've been hammering out a manuscript, and it gets shotgun seat.

Except for right this moment. Blog rides shotgun. I'm writing one of those scenes that I need to write, but I don't really like it. Maybe I'm going through my uninspired phase, which I get at the end of every semester. Right before I turn in final grades, I get excited about all the extra time I'll have to write the ms. Then the grades are turned in, and instead of becoming a freaking genius, my fingers like hummingbird wings at the keyboard, I turn into a sedate koala with the Wii remote permanently fixed to my palm, Netflix my drug of choice.

It's not that bad this semester. I've been a good girl at the laptop. I've watched only three movies in the past week. But this scene I'm writing--I know I just have to barrel through it. Anyone out there have  suggestions about kindling the love for your scene? (Wine and chocolate don't work in the mornings. Done that. It messes with your day.)

I'll leave you with something that made me smile: something my 8-year-old said, of course.
Julien said he thought we should go to the pet store and get a friend for his Djungarian hamster. (If you haven't seen these itty bitty darlings, you haven't experience rodent love, folks.)
from here
"But what if they fight? What would we do?" I asked him.
He thought for a few seconds, and then said, "Well, we'll put the new one in a cardboard box, then give him to a homeless person."
"A homeless person?" I laughed.
"They need pets, too."


  1. Kids say the cutest things!

    Good luck with your scene. :)

    1. Thanks, Dana! I came through, and wrote about it this morning. Are you doing the MAYbe blogfest, too?