Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MAYbe I can do it

So, I decided to participate in a May Blogfest to jumpstart my blog writing. If you're a writer or a blogger or a reader interested in writers and bloggers, you can read all the details here, where Sara McClung describes the fest. Here's the fancy image to legitimize the deal:
Of course, May 1 came sometime around yesterday, and...epic fail. I didn't post the very first day. But it does say "MAYbe," which kind of gives me an out.
I will try to do this better. Scout's honor.

There are some suggestions for daily topics, so I'll begin with those, then let whimsy take me where she will. Tuesday (the day I missed), was the "let me tell you something about myself" day, so I'll do that first.

Let me tell you: 
I love Malbec wine, stinky cheese,

from here
the sound of cicadas, a writing groove, 
my older son's paintings, 
the smell of my eight-year-old's sweaty hair after a playground run, 
silicone basters, the sound of the hamster wheel thumpering at night, 

from here

cuckoo clocks, 
and turning the a/c down to 70 so I can sleep
under a down blanket in summer. 

I dislike Texas "waterbugs" (a.k.a. giant cockroaches), 
unpacking suitcases, Texas summers, 
from here

allergy eyes that puff up like white balloons, 
long stretches of not hearing from 
my college-aged son and wondering
 if he's still alive.

I'm going to hop over to some other blogs and read about the other MAYbe bloggers. Actually, I read Jessica Love's blog because I follow her Feed, and hers is pretty funny stuff.

So, please tell me something about you. Make it count. Make it juicy.

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  1. That's a nice collection of things to like :) I've never experienced a Texas summer but if it's hot and full of giant bugs, then yuck. And I get allergy eyes too!