Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Newest Obsession

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Wednesday: May I ask you a question?

 I'm following writer Jessica Love's prompt today. (Jessica, I swear I'm not stalking you. You're just at the top of my Google Reader, and I see your blog every day. And I'm idea-lazy today.)

I've had "Anthems" that I listen to as I write a manuscript, but until now, the music was sans lyrics. How can anyone write when someone is yelling in your ears? I'd shake my head. Strange writers.

Then I discovered an artist on the iPod that lives in the dining room, in which I write in my Comfy Chair.  Lyrics! Drama! Folksy Inspiration! I was hooked. After listening to album ten times, I stopped hearing the lyrics as words--they're more like another pure instrument to me. Agnes Obel: Philharmonics. Get the album!

I also listen to Arvo Part (no lyrics) when I'm writing a serious scene (which is pretty much my entire current manuscript).

What do you think?

This post has me thinking: do you know any spare, folksy music that is perfect for a writing spell? I'd love to add the album/artist to my playlist. And do you prefer your "groove anthem" with Lyrics or No Lyrics?


  1. These are great! I really love the first one. Thanks for introducing me to that album!

  2. The Civil Wars! Do you have them on your playlist? If not, I bet you'd love them :)

    And I prefer lyrics for my groove writing playlist.

  3. Great songs! I did really like the first one!