Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Things, because I can't focu

It's stormy outside, and the blue clouds hovering twenty feet above me (so it seems) look like menacing waves.

I was going to jog, but thanks to the grumbling weather, I'm writing instead. First blog, then chapter. The universe has a way of putting me in my place.

My mind is swirling.

The sky just opened and the street outside my window is already drenched.

 See? The focus-cog in my brain is malfunctioning.

I've been...not so good at blogging regularly this month. So I thought I'd better post at least one more before May ends. Here, I'm throwing caution to the wind and will just list some things going on in this head.

  1. Just gave my son's Fourth Grade teacher her present (from the class) today: an album filled with typed letters, written by parents, about how magnificent she's been all year. These letters were mailed to the superintendent and the principal earlier in May. Also bookmarks, for her summer reading, with messages from each of the students on them.
  2. Keeping at bay weird feeling of impending doom
  3. Astonished by Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter campaign--makes my brain woozy
  4. There's a PacMan cake I need to make for Julien's 9th birthday party on Saturday
  5. ...and clean the house, which is even more daunting than my next chapter
  6. Still raining, and rumbling out my window
  7. Jumping into YA reading again. Beginning to suspect that the manuscript I'm writing is not YA.
  8. Too afraid to call my agent and ask her for a looksy
  9. ...because I like the manuscript and want to finish it.
  10. I've learned all but the last minute of "The Ukulele Anthem," and dream of singing it in the Paris Metro. In the meantime, I sing it while jogging.
  11. Worried about Kyle and his family.
  12. Obsessed--OBSESSED, I tell you, with the ENO MiniOpera contest. Why?
  13. And finally, breaking all taboos, I'll just admit that I'm on "sub" (writers know what this means), and my heart is about to burst. Now I know what writers mean when they talk about "the crazies."
 I miss my man, who is in France. Can't wait to see you. One more week until I start asking for directions, un cafĂ©, etc, in (embarrassingly bad) French.

 The rain has abated, but it is darker than ever outside. 9:32 AM. Perfect weather for the next chapter.


  1. Wow! What amazing backing Amanda has on kickstarter! I like these random posts. Shows you are human and live in the real world.

    1. Isn't the kickstarter thing incredible? Glad randomness is not entirely boring. I just read your post this morning on seeing the play ONCE. I adored that movie. Now I want to see the play on Broadway.

  2. Please put ANYTHING you deem worthy on kickstarter dot com - - the stats are better for artistic endeavors than categories like technology or fashion - - will gladly back you...
    P.S. Be sure to put small rewards like $1 and $5, $10, because those add up and just a mention here on your blog is excellent for networking / marketing if nothing else. Hey, this was supposed to be a P.S. ?!