Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Things are Afoot

A few exciting things have happened over the past week.

First, I booked my flight to London to attend the English National Opera event in October.
Minioperas! I have no idea what the evening will hold, but I'm outright giddy thinking about it. My younger son really hopes I get to meet Terry Gilliam; he's drawing a card for me to deliver to Gilliam, just in case.

This will be my first trip to England, and because I have to be back in Texas to teach, I only have THREE days in London, folks, including my arrival day (morning). What can I absolutely NOT miss when I go? And what places are equally appreciated on a postcard? I'm going to admit now something that will reveal my utter dweeb-ness: I adore Notting Hill. It's my favorite movie. I've seen it a dozen times, and I've used the Hugh Grant Walks Through the Seasons montage when I teach a film unit at SMU. So, I think I might have to go to Notting Hill.

Where else should I go? (I'm also a sucker for Jane Austen, the Beatles, and Monty Python.)
Abbey Road?

Second, my dear writer-friend, Sam, came over for drinks and chatting and, eventually as always, ice cream. It had been too long since we last got together, and I was so happy to flap our jaws about anything and everything. Isn't friendship great? Part of me wishes I had friends over every night (or every other night) for drinks. It's good for the soul.

Third, Daddy turned 89. I am lucky. So lucky.

And today, Brentney with the Dallas Observer interviewed me about my take on the changes in the publishing industry, and self-publishing's affect (read "Amazon's affect") on literary fiction. Thanks, Brentney! It's such a nicely crafted article!

Waiting on suggestions from the Brits and American travelers to London: cheap but clean hotels? not-to-be-missed landmarks?


  1. Also wine spilled on the table!! When we are old ladies and live in France, we will eat/drink together all the time

    1. When we're old, we'll dance in fountains of wine.