Saturday, July 21, 2012


This weekend has been overwheming.

Along with everyone else, I woke up to the tragedy of the Colorado cinema shooting. At times like these, I slip very quickly into despondency about the fierce grasp the NRA has on the throat of America. A Texan, I must admit that I'm glad my brother can legally own a gun to protect his large property in the countryside. He used it responsibly (i.e., didn't aim it, and only held it at his side as a warning) to stop a deranged, drugged man trying to break into my mother's house. But I see absolutely no reason why any lawful citizen would need an automatic assault gun. Or twenty. There will not be zombie apocalypse.

So I was grateful when my despondency was averted by the ENO music being posted on Soundcloud. There are over 60 entries as of tonight. About 6 or 7 have been posted for my libretto, The Lingerer, and I've listened to them all several times today. Tomorrow, I'll create links to all the versions so you can see the variety and beauty that these talented composers and singers created. They breathed life into a libretto, and I am stunned over and over at the healing power of music.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the minioperas contest. I am overwhelmed by the humanity in the compositions, just when I needed humanity the most.


  1. Is the next steps that one composer will be chosen for your libretto?

  2. I actually don't know how the finalists are chosen. I don't envy the judge, who must select only 10 out of the now 70 entries. I hope that at least one of the Lingerer composers is a finalist. I've just posted a collection of the entries that I can find so far (the contest just closed for compositions). I thought of you when I put it together. Thought you might enjoy it.