Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yesterday I wrote about how some composers all around the world made me believe in humans' capacity for beauty in the midst of an awful display of human depravity (the Colorado cinema shooter).

These composers have also sent me straight into a surreal place. I've never written a piece of work that someone else has transformed. Let me tell you, it's an emotional, visceral, thrilling ride. Like holding a newborn baby. Maybe I've had an overdose of oxytocin?

For the music lovers, I'm embedding the ENO entries as of this morning. You can open the original libretto and follow along, more or less, with the words. What is so stunning to me is the variety of expression and quality of each interpretation. Bravo! Bravissimo!

"Big love" to you all!
POSTSCRIPT: I wrote this blog a few hours ago; I was convinced that today was Monday and that the contest was already closed. (I even drove my son to daycare, and ended up in an empty lot, boggled.) I'm happy to report that there are many compositions still to be submitted to the ENO contest, which ends on the 23rd. I'll include all the ones based on The Lingerer here. There are also many, many more amazing minioperas based on other stories. I encourage you to visit the ENO site and listen to them.

And a link, because I can't figure out how to embed this one:

Like everything, this is all best enjoyed with a glass of wine and the volume turned up "too loud."

Have an extraordinary week!

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