Thursday, June 20, 2013

Writers' League of Texas: Conference Time!

My bags are not packed.
My pitch is not prepped.
My house is half-scattered, half-renovated,
paint brushes, paint cans, scrapers, scrubbers,
toxic goop and wads and wads of paper towels everywhere,
prepping for the agent who will put our house on sale.

I'm peeking in on potential book covers for SOME ACT OF VISION, my YA novel to be published by ASD in September, and my heart is ker-flunking at the beauty of them.

And my head is a reel of rhyming verses for the new libretto that I'm creating for a Minneapolis composer.

But my boarding pass is printed, and I'm ready for the weekend at the Agents and Editors Conference in Austin.  I'll blog my experience when I get back, just in case there are others who are wondering what this conference is, and if it's worth the $$. (I have the feeling it is.)

Bring it on!

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