Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hoopla and Celebration

I couldn't be happier right now. I feel like these guys:

Contracts are signed and sealed in blood.
I'm delighted to announce that my Young Adult novel, Some Act of Vision, will be published by ASD later this year!

Austin Powers thinks it's groovy. Dancing is in order:


I'm busy busy busy juggling all kinds of tasks now. I'll be making a tumblr page (any folks want to help me on this one?) and other fun things as soon as I get back from Paris. Or maybe while I'm in Paris. Because, oh yeah, I'm selling my house when I get back to the states. Just another little thing I'll be doing on the side...

I'll keep you updated on my journey with this small publisher, who has fallen in love with my main characters and their uncommon adventure.

Here's a bit about Some Act of Vision to whet your appetite:

After ten years of ballet lessons, Jordan Walker has finally landed her first principal role in Romeo and Juliet. Sweeter yet, "Romeo" has asked her to the May Fling Ball at Winston High. But a massive Texas earthquake triggered by the fracking activity nearby tears apart the community and Jordan's future as a dancer. The Walker family survives the earthquake, but wake up the next morning utterly invisible. On the run from a military with nefarious plans, Jordan and her family are forced to abandon their old lives. It isn't until she meets Caleb, a blind musician, that Jordan dares to hope again. And the more their secret friendship develops, the more Jordan understands the danger she's placed everyone in.

I've read somewhere that adults comprise more than 50% of the Young Adult book-reading audience. So go ahead, friends. You have permission to read it. Guilty pleasures are the little necessities in life.

Thanks to all my friends, readers, and supporters!



  1. Congratulations! Sounds like a great story. I will be interested to hear your experiences with your publisher.

    1. I'll definitely keep people posted here. Going with a small press is seems like the right thing for me now.